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OpenPRM is an open source implementation of varous sample based robot motion planning algorithms mostly based on prm_ OpenPRM also includes a number of utilities that aid the planners. These include;


  • BasicPRM
  • VisibilityPRM
  • Single Query Bi-directional PRM with Lazy Collision Cheking(SBL)
  • GoalSetPRM


  • Random Sampler
  • Gaussian Sampler
  • Halton Sampler

Collision Checker:

  • Incremental Line Collision Checker
  • Interative divide and conquer Collsion Checker

Distance Metrics:

  • Standard Euclidean Norm in N-dimensions

The algorithms and utlities are implemented as a plugin to OpenRAVE(Open Robotics and Virtual Environment).


  • Billy Okal
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa

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